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Evangelical Meeting of Couples

GOD CHURCH MISSIONARY Monthly is held in Recanto Poets event “Meeting of Evangelicals couples .” They cover various topics such as marriage, friendship, mutual effort , respect and most important of all love. Couples feel pretty comfortable recall and renew the wedding vows to each other. The night is really fun and relaxed surroundings of

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A SHIP OF HISTORY IN LITTLE wrecked MACAPƁ BEACH. In a dawn of the year 1965 it appeared a ship on the beach of Macapa. Had an average of 80 meters long and carrying a load of salt, his name was SIMASUL. macapaSeu shipwrecked hull was damaged and this was one of the reasons that

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Practice KiteSurf

The KiteSurf is great for fitness because it works both the upper part and the lower body absurdly strengthening the abdominal area. In any case it is advisable subjected to a physical examination, both before and paper in order to determine their training for such activity. Among the benefits of kite KiteSurf include: It combines

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Source Kitesurf

Source Kitesurf and kitesurf equipment. Ā The kite can also be called kiteboarding or flysurf, everything will depend on the country in question. Kitesurfing although it is a relatively new sport, the idea of ā€‹ā€‹using wings as a means of propulsion is not new. During century XII, XIII and XIV various communities of fishermen and sailors

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Quadricycle The vehicle with “body” motorcycle with four wheels, known in Brazil as ATV in Portugal is known as the “four moto” and in English is known as ATV (“All-Terrain Vehicle”). For major doubts about ATV. Registration and licensing The art. 96 of the Brazilian Traffic Code (Law 9503/97) provides that the ATV is a

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Meet the Delta do ParnaĆ­ba

Moorhen mirrors, mangroves, dunes, lakes, wildlife, rivers and beaches with paradisiacal landscapes. All this with the sun shining bright all year, this is the scenario that the tourist will find on the ParnaĆ­ba River Delta, an archipelago of 2,700 square kilometers, consisting of over 70 islands, located on the coast of PiauĆ­. The delta is

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Manatee Marine project

Manatee Marine Project: The Marine Manatee Project is in Cajueiro Beach, and has a base to welcome visitors and show how marine mammals living in that region and why they are there. Working together the Aquatic Mammals Center (CMA), IBAMA and the Aquatic Mammals Foundation, sponsored by Petrobras, is headquartered in Cajueiro Beach. A sizeable

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Delta turtles Institute

Expanding the conservation and preservation work the Delta Institute Turtles – ITD is running Biomade bill, sponsored by Petrobras, through Petrobras Environmental Program. The main objective of the project is to survey marine biodiversity found in the Environmental Protection Area Delta of. The actions of Marine Biodiversity of the Delta project – BIOMADE covers the

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